M3020 compact stock

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Stoeger 20 gauge. Had the inside scoop from Sportsmans that the first stoeger 20 gauge showed up on the shelf since it's release.

Went in today and bought it. I didn't even hesitate. The gun was light, pointed nicely, and had a great feel to it. Got the 26" barrel. The guy helping said Stoegernever seen one but we all have been waiting for it. I said It's here. He found it and said wow that's really nice. Either way I am excited to shoot it. Be a great back up gun for my franchi affinity since my club is 20 gauge only.

It will be a nice gift for the wife too. Cheers Gents! Re: Stoeger 20 gauge. You got it. I did a review on my franchi affinity.

Stoeger M3020

Detailed review. Shooting this bad boy on Sunday. Will post the review. Sorry I didn't pick it up sooner. Been busy. This will be good to see a review.Gobbler Nation Skip to content. Quick links. Franchi affinity vs sa vs Stoeger which one?

I looked at all three of them at sportsman warehouse on Friday. All 3 felt great but I don't know anyone who has any experiences good or bad with these guns.

Basically, I want a lightweight autoloader that won't break the bank. I will be shooting tss. Any suggestions good or bad would be much appreciated. I have a SA, same thing as the SA just a shorter barrel, it's a great gun. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the guns to be honest. Re: Franchi affinity vs sa vs Stoeger which one? Franchi or Stoeger Sa here and like it! I do know the Franchi is a killer and Light. My gun is built based off the old beretta gas system. I've had it six years and killed my limit all but one year with it.

I'm running fed 7 and a sum toy Killed one with tss 9 last year with it. No matter which one I go with, it will be a dedicated turkey gun. I may not be smart but I can lift heavy objects I have no need for aI have a shotgun. Lightest one I could find. I'm sure any of these shotguns will do all I need. For the record, I am hen pecked. I've shot turkeys, pheasant, quail and whatever else with it and love it.

I would buy on again in a minute.I've been asked many, many times to give a brief thumbs up or thumbs down verdict on several firearms. Since this is so very rarely done, I'll take a stab at it. I've always found it to be a bit frustrating to read a product review in which no clear impression is ever arrived at. As this is written, late inI'm mindful that the new models are soon to be announced. Things can change in a hurry. Anyway, here we go, the thumbs up autoloaders followed by the thumbs down category, in alphabetical order.

You'll note that there are more thumbs-up models than thumbs-down offerings and a few companies managed to hit both categories. Of the crop of new autoloaders that hit the market more or less together inthe Vinci has proved to be one of the most innovative and hassle-free. While the aesthetics may dismay, it has good shell handling, a reasonable seven pound weight and a ComforTech stock that is a huge improvement in shooting comfort over a conventional stock.

Although the Maxus retains the heavy triggers of most current Browning autoloaders, it is one of the softest-shooting seven pound autoloaders out there. It is well-finished in the Hunter and other walnut stocked versions and is Browning's best autoloading shotgun. The best made, most fully featured autoloading target gun on the market today, with the most non-gunsmithing user adjustments, the softest recoil and backed by the best customer service team in the industry.

A well-built inertia shotgun with a good trigger. The only cause for lament is the goofy notched recoil pad that makes aftermarket additions problematic. It is priced right and functions beautifully. Extremely well-built at an attractive price, the 12 gauge only MC is one of the latest inertia autoloaders. It is a seven pound autoloader that is essentially maintenance-free.

It handles 1 ounce, fps loads right out of the box. The Mossberg is a value-priced model that has a better trigger and a lower price than many would think possible. A moderately heavy model, it defines the all-around gas autoloader.

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After a very poor launch saddled with an instant recall, the Versa-Max has been improved to the point where it merits serious consideration for the goose pit.

Pushing eight pounds and with an extremely thick recoil pad, Remington's gas gun is a very soft shooter and is now available in a Sportsman basic version that is easier on the wallet than the initial offering. It took three years, but this is the best Remington autoloader to be introduced since In either 20 or 12 gauge, this ATA made autoloader is one of the best imports I've used in some time.Gobbler Nation Skip to content.

Quick links. My Stoeger M Project. Pretty new here, actually got here chasing the TSS and Hal story. Decided to go 20ga this year and heres my build project.

m3020 compact stock

Started with a black Stoeger M and wanted to fix it so that my 7 yr. Modified a 6 position adjustable stock for it and did a slightly modified tiger stripe rattle can camo job to it. Had a lot of snow here in KY so I haven't patterned it, but Ill post some pics as soon as the weather breaks so that I can shoot some.

What do you think? You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Re: My Stoeger M Project. I may not be smart but I can lift heavy objects I have no need for aI have a shotgun.

What stock is that and what did you have to do to modify it. Should do just fine for you and your son. Tell us more about the gun, and welcome aboard. Looks very similar to my 12ga model, with a little Benelli mixed in. I'm bettin they hit a home run with this gun. I have to say this is an amazing little gun: It's a Stoeger M 20Ga. The guy behind the counter was nice enough to suggest that I look at the stoeger.

It's an inertia driven semi-auto. Before I started the mods. It ran low brass 7. Hal is of the opinion that one of these chokes will work well with his TSS loads, so that's where i'm going to start since i don't have any exp. I might try sumtoy or IC, if I'm not satisfied with what i have now let you know as this progresses. I followed Stoeger's recommendation for drilling and tapping for the Weaver 93 scope base, for the best and most reliable fit I'm going to put a Bushnell Trophy Red Dot on it.

A Edelmann model M10 x 1. The stoeger's receiver is threaded for a 10mm 1. I made a paper template of the shim to drill the stock so that the dowels on the shim would hold the the stock from twisting left and right like the factory stock. It could probably be sanded to blend into the receiver but I couldn't see enough difference to warrant it, especially once it was camouflaged. Who is online Users browsing this forum: hidenorhair and 4 guests.Sorry, we don't carry that brand.

In an effort to keep our team members and community healthy, we will be closing the EuroOptic Retail Showroom until further notice. All other operations, including telephone, email, and chat support will continue as normal. A semi-automatic gauge is joining the line-up of affordable, quality Stoeger shotguns. Turkeys, waterfowl, and upland game, take cover. EuroOptic, Ltd N.

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m3020 compact stock

Shop All Featured Rangefinding Scopes. Swarovski dS Burris Eliminator.

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Shop All Featured Rangefinder Accessories.Last November I heard that Stoeger was finally going to introduce the 20 ga version of the M I called the local shops to get my name on the list so I would receive one as soon as they came out. After weeks of visits and phone calls, I finally found a gun shop in the middle of nowhere willing to call me when they got one in.


The wait begins. I spent the winter and spring shooting my M and Condor Competition as well as a few other guns from years past.

Each time I would shoot the M I thought about the M and would call around to see if anyone had seen one yet. As spring turned into summer, I began to put the hunting stuff away.

My excitement turned to worry as I realized the shop was one that I stopped at one day while traveling for work. They were 2 plus hours away, and I was not going to be able to get over there in time to pick it up. In steps my wonderful wife. As I explained to her that this gun came in, and my work predicament she offered to make the 5 hour journey to pick it up for me. When I opened the box and began to assemble the gun I noticed how light it was, amazingly light.

I cleaned it well and put it in the closet until I would get to go kill some clay birds the following weekend.

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The big day arrived. Bodie and I loaded up the skeet thrower and the M and headed to the field.

Stoeger Shotgun Stocks Parts Accessories

First skeet was launched and nothing but dust. Busted the next five in a row.

m3020 compact stock

Changed to the Modified choke for the next five. Four in a row met the same fate and the first five then it happened a miss. Not sure how I missed, but as you can see in the picture Bodie brought it back to me. I can see the advantages to the modified choke for longer shots. In rounds with a brand new gun I had no misfires or jams. The action was as smooth as I could have asked for, and it gets even better with time. The light wieght is nice to carry in the field, and the reduced recoil of the 20 ga is welcomed as well.

They perform at a much higher level than their price tag and the customer service from Stoeger is what you would expect from a top shelf gun. Up next for me is the Stoeger M The magazine cap threads or magazine tube threads seem to be messed up on my new Cap is very tight to screw on and feels cross-threaded. Same thing with mine.

Gobbler Nation

Barrel is kinda lose in less crank the heck out of the cap. Hi blogger, i must say you have very interesting posts here. Your blog should go viral. You need initial traffic only. How to get it? I purchased this same shotgun for my wife and after using it on clay pigeons I fell in love with it.

Great shotgun for a great price. Welcome to our site.A 20 gauge M Posted: Mon Jan 13, pm. Who else is as excited for this as I am?! Posted: Tue Jan 14, pm. This is the first I've heard of it, if the street price is about Wonder how long before they show up in stores?

Posted: Wed Jan 15, am. Posted: Thu Jan 16, am. Wow, I must be the only 20 gauge fan here. This is going to be an awesome gun for upland, and having the wife shoot Street price should be about the same as theIMO.

Posted: Thu Jan 16, pm.

Fs17 mod indir

I'm glad they did it. Wish they did it sooner, with the series. I hope they plan to make a youth stock for it. Posted: Fri Jan 17, am. Posted: Fri Jan 17, pm. I had to buy one. My dealer didn't have one in stock but will call me when it comes in.

I wanted a 24" barrel but can get only 26" or 28". Oh well, can't have everything we want. I'd guess weeks, just basing it off the YouTube video about it though.

I will be buying one as well as soon as my shop gets one in! Posted: Sat Jan 18, pm. Probably a month. I paid up front to get the discount. I know my dealer and he has always been straight as an arrow. I was hoping that it would be in stock but no such luck. Posted: Thu Jan 30, pm. Posted: Mon May 12, pm. Yes, handled one at our local Scheel's yesterday.

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